Human Resources

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Onboarding and Offboarding

EMS Financial & Business Solutions offers employee onboarding and employee offboarding.  These are critical processes that, when done effectively, can deliver provable value and a positive return on investment. Likewise, ineffective employee onboarding and offboarding can harm almost every measurable metric of an organization. Employee onboarding and offboarding deserve HR’s close attention, with careful planning, execution, and analysis to ensure they are both being done right.

Compensation & Benefits Management

EMS Financial & Business Solutions compensation and benefits manager works with hiring managers, recruiters, and other Human Resources personnel to ensure that job offers are both based on market rate and have internal equity.

Training and Development

EMS Financial & Business Solutions create training and development programs to improve employees’ skill sets in just about all areas — such as corporate policies, customer service, computer skills, diversity, conflict resolution, sexual harassment, safety, and quality assurance. Employee training programs are designed to help employees improve their skills and knowledge so they can do their job in a more efficient, productive and/or safer way.

Employee and Labor Relations – Managerial Compliance

EMS Financial & Business Solutions removes the complexity from succession planning.  We define roles that can clearly determine the roles and responsibilities between managers and employees and set expectations together so that employees receive feedback that’s specific to their development plan.

Safety and Health – Compliance Management

EMS Financial & Business Solutions bring together compliance experts and eLearning veterans who have seen it all — the good, the bad and, especially, the ugly. From working with HR professionals across many industries, we understand the challenges of today’s complex workplace.

EMS Financial & Business Solutions concern for employees’ mental health has moved to the forefront as workers face new stresses and challenges, inside and outside of the workplace. By creating a psychologically safe workplace, organizations can strengthen efforts to promote mental health and wellbeing and reduce mental health stigma. People who experience psychological safety at work know they won’t be embarrassed or punished for speaking up, voicing a dissenting opinion and being their authentic selves — including asking for the help and treatment they need.

Core Services

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